MAEDA COFFEE's Cafe Culture

Established for 50 years, One of oldest coffee shop in Kyoto “MAEDA COFFEE”

Established in 1971. “HONTEN” is the center of Kyoto (Karasuma). Our shops are bustling with regular customer in the breakfast time and with official workers in the lunch time. We roast our coffee beans in the shop and all food and sweets are homemade. We prepare a great variety of breakfast, lunch and sweets. We are patronized by all generation customers.

President Go Maeda Photo

MAEDA's Cafe Culture

We have been managed “MAEDA COFFEE” for 40 years with our philosophy which is “To give all customers impression, pleasure and happiness through our coffee”. We are thinking coffee is the same as “CHANOYU (茶の湯)- tea ceremony” which is a traditional way of drinking green tea in Japan. We serve best a cup of coffee with our best hospitality at the most comfortable space. We always provide all customers best coffee and we are committed to choosing coffee beans, roasting, coffee extraction, tableware, food and sweets. We protect good-old cafe, keep the word ”温故知新*” in our mind and we make remarkable progress to create new cafe culture which is getting young generation familiarity with.

*温故知新: An attempt to discover new things by studying the past scrutiny of the end.

President Go Maeda