Hashibenkei-cho, Karasuma Takoyakushi


“HONTEN” has been loved by Kyoto people for long years ago.

“MUROMACHI HOTEN” is the center of Kyoto near “SHIJO STATION” on the subway-Karasuma Line. In 1981, MAEDA CFFEE HONTEN opened and the building is renovated Kimono shop. We have 100 seats and there are smoking seats and non smoking seats. We have direct fire type of roaster of German “Probat”. You will enjoy fragrance from roasted room and spend great time with our coffee.


MAEDA’s speciality is not only coffee

Our homemade sweets go well with coffee. Fresh seasonal cake and pie and Matcha mousse covers by Gyuhimochi (a kind of rice cake that has soft skin made of refined rice flour) are very popular. Its is possible to take away our sweets. We provide our speciality Spaghetti Napolitan, lunch set with drink and Sandwich.

Menu food & drink

Opening hours / Closed day
7:00-19:00(LO18:30) / Open 365 Days / There are smoking and non-smoking seats
Phone number
Hashibenkei-cho 236, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoyo 604-8151
5 minutes walk from "KARASUMA STATION” on the Hankyu Railway, Kyoto-Line or "SHIJO STATION" on the subway, Karasuma-Line.

Map is here